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Play 6 games Glasgow laser tag – only £12pp

Play 6 games Glasgow laser tag – only £12pp

Have you ever wanted to feel you were taking part in an epic sci-fi space battle?

Now you can at Lazer Planet ultimate laser tag, based at ScotKart Indoor Go Karting in Clydebank, Glasgow.

Lead your team to victory, dominate the battlefield, enjoy an epic adventure, as the fate of the entire Galaxy rests in your hands.

Lazer Planet is Scotland’s #1 laser tag experience, with up to 30 players able to play at once in the amazing arena, complete with ramps, tower, tunnel, bases, light show, smoke and atmospheric music.

Armed with your hi-tech blaster you will enjoy a variety of team and solo games in an exhilarating laser tag competition.

New game sessions allow you and your friends to play 3 games of laser tag in each 30-minute session for only £6.50pp or play one session, take a break in the cafe, and then enjoy the second round of 3 games, for only £12.00pp.

Do you want to celebrate a Birthday or mark another special occasion? Upgrade to a 6 game Birthday Party package, including a party room and party food for only £13pp mid-week, or £15pp at weekends.

We also have great value packages for youth groups, sports clubs, Scouts, Boys Brigade and School Groups from Glasgow, Dunbartonshire and Renfrewshire.

Looking for 2 fun activities in Glasgow? Book a laser tag game session, and then a full-throttle kart race at ScotKart from only £14.50pp.

Call now on 0141 641 0222 for more details, email [email protected] or book online now.

Play 6 games Glasgow laser tag – only £12pp

Glasgow Laser Tag Combo Deal 2019 | ScotKart Clydebank

Glasgow Laser Tag Combo Deal 2019 | ScotKart Clydebank

Are you looking for fast-paced competitive fun for all the family in Glasgow?

Lazer Planet at Scotkart in Clydebank offers you ‘Fortnite’ style laser tag like you have never seen before, using hi-tech equipment, and huge immersive arenas complete with ramps, towers, tunnels, and smoke.

Each amazing 30-minute session includes 3 different solo or team missions, with different objectives.

Unlike paintball, there is no costly ammo to buy, and in most games, you get unlimited respawns.

Over July & August 2018 you can enjoy 2 x 30-minute sessions of laser tag for only £12pp, or take advantage of our great value COMBO deal:

2 x 30 minutes of Laser Tag with a break in between to enjoy a soft drink & hot dog only £15pp

The deal can be booked  7 days a week at Lazer Planet, Glasgow’s ultimate sci-fi laser tag experience.

You can find ScotKart Indoor Kart Racing and Lazer Planet just off Dumbarton Rd, only a few minutes drive from Glasgow City Centre, and Glasgow West End along the Expressway, or via the Great Western Road. It’s also located close to Yoker train station, and many bus routes stop on Dumbarton Rd. Visit TRAVELINE for more details.

Suitable for ages 6 – Adult.

Book now on 0141 641 0222 quoting Lazer Planet Combo Deal, or  BOOK ONLINE now.

T&C Offer subject to availability and cannot be combined with any other offer. Valid 2019

Glasgow Laser Tag Combo Deal 2019 | ScotKart Clydebank

Glasgow Laser Tag Birthday Parties

Glasgow Laser Tag Birthday Parties

Glasgow Laser Tag Birthday Parties

Enjoy hassle-free, action-packed laser tag birthday parties at Lazer Planet – a party day the VIP will never forget!

For epic sci-fi gameplay, recreating all those blaster and phaser battles from ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Star Trek’, nothing beats the unique immersive laser tag arena at Lazer Planet. Experience Glasgow’s leading multi-level laser tag arena, with ramps, tunnels, tower, 3 bases, smoke, music and hi-tech lights for totally immersive gaming.

Even better when you book a Birthday party package at Lazer Planet you get 6  games of laser tag, instead of the 2 games you get at most centres, PLUS experienced, friendly staff, fantastic party rooms instead of a communal space, and awesome party food.

Your amazing 6 game laser tag party includes:

  • Downloadable Party Invites
  • 3 Games of Lazer Planet (selection of team and solo laser tag games)
  • 30-minute break in a party room
  • Juice
  • Party Food (pizza/hot dogs)
  • Paperware
  • Balloons
  • Party Host
  • Badge for VIP
  • 3 Games of Lazer Planet selection of team and solo laser tag games)
  • Typically 120 Min ‘Door to Door’

All for only £13.00pp Mon – Thurs, and £15.00pp at Weekends

Call the party line now on 0141 641 0222 to book your big day,  email [email protected]

or book online HERE 

Glasgow Laser Tag Birthday Parties for more information click HERE

Min 8 players, recommended for 7th Birthday Party upwards.

Glasgow Christmas + New Year Laser Tag Fun

Glasgow Laser Tag Festive Fun

Glasgow Laser Tag Festive Fun

Prepare to burn off the turkey, and live out those ‘Star Wars’ phaser battles for real!

Challenge friends and family to a thrilling sci-fi laser tag adventure at Lazer Planet over the holidays.

Have a blast playing team and solo games in the huge multi-level arena full of pulsating lights, smoke, and throbbing music – it’s like being in a movie.

Don’t forget, the fun does not stop there, as Lazer Planet is housed inside ScotKart Indoor Kart Racing in Clydebank. The track is open the same hours as Lazer Planet for kids (age 8+) and adult karting, plus family sessions, right over the holidays.

Lazer Planet at ScotKart, 25 John Knox Street, Clydebank, Glasgow G81 1NA

Easy access by train to Yoker station, bus stop on Dumbarton Rd, or by car from Glasgow, Paisley and central Scotland.

Book now on 0141 641 0222  (min age 6).

Lazer Planet –  Glasgow  Laser Tag Festive Fun

T&C Offer subject to availability and cannot be combined with any other offer.

Applies to pre-bookings only, ends January 7th 2018.

Summer Holiday things to do in Glasgow

laser tag, lazer tag, fun, summer, glasgow, clydebank, family, days out,

Summer Holiday things to do in Glasgow – prepare to save your Galaxy!

Ever wanted to feel you were taking part in an epic sci-fi space battle?
Well, now you can, at Glasgow’s out of this world laser tag arena.

Prepare for maximum laser tag fun with family and friends over the summer school holidays in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Dunbartonshire and Renfrewshire. It’s a fun day out for adults and kids alike!

Pick up your blaster and prepare to lead your team to victory against the opposition, and conquer their base.

Experience laser tag at it’s very best at the unique arena featuring multi-level ramps, towers, lights, smoke, and atmospheric music to set the scene! Use the latest hi-tech laser tag equipment, with live scoring, and up to 3 teams competing in your Sci-fi adventure.

The Lazer Planet arena at ScotKart Indoor Karting in Clydebank is suitable for children aged 6+. Children must be accompanied by an adult (Aged 18+) who can play, or wait in the cafe.

Games start every 30 minutes and include a safety briefing, kit up with your blaster and vest, and a team or solo game, with results posted on the ‘Mission Control’ screen.

Take your pick from 3 great laser tag and karting offers over the Glasgow Summer holidays:

  1. 1x 30-minute session (3 games) only £6.50pp
  2. 2x 30-minute sessions (6 games) only £12.00pp
  3. 2x 30-minute sessions (6 games) with party food only £15.00pp

To book call 0141 641 0222.

T&C Offers are subject to availability and cannot be combined with any other. Valid 2019

Glasgow Summer Holiday Family Fun

Lazer Planet, Laser tag. indoor laser, lazer zone, Glasgow laser, kids activities, laser arena.

Summer Holiday Family Fun at Lazer Planet!

The schools are out, and the kids are getting bored, so treat them to Lazer Planet for some Summer holiday family fun!

You can now play Lazer Planet every day over the summer for only £12pp for 6 games spread over 2x 30-minute sessions!

Featuring an arena that can hold up to 30 players, Lazer Planet at Clydebank really is the best action orientated game fun for the whole family!

Located in the same building as Scotkart, we offer a competitive and enjoyable option to keep the kids amused.

The centre is indoor so no matter what the Glasgow weather you can still come and enjoy lazer come wind, rain or shine!

So why not have some summer family fun and come on down to Lazer Planet this summer!

Laser Tag Xmas Party in Glasgow only £12pp!

Lazer Planet, Laser tag. indoor laser, lazer zone, Glasgow laser, kids activities, laser arena.

For a memorable, exciting and exhilarating Christmas Party with your work, sports or social club, family and friends, have a blast at Lazer Planet.
If you are looking to do something different this year we provide an ‘out of this world’ setting where you can battle it out with your friends, just like being in ‘Star Wars’ or ‘Star Trek’ for real!
Book an epic laser tag Xmas party in Glasgow only £12pp for 2 thrilling sessions lasting 30 minutes per session. Play a ‘Solo’ game to see who is your hot shot, a ‘Team Game’ and ‘Team Game with Bases’ where you have to protect your base and try to attack your opponents. Accredited youth groups can benefit from further group discounts.

Up to 30 players can battle at once in 2 or 3 teams, and larger groups can also be accommodated easily. Great value pizza buffets are available in the VIP party rooms, and adult groups are welcome to bring wine and beer for after their event.
Multi-activity afternoons or evenings are also available as Lazer Planet shares its location with ScotKart Indoor Karting in Clydebank www.scotkart.co.uk, and a double ‘Open Timed Race Session’ starts from only £14.50pp.
If you are organising an event for corporate entertainment, football club, youth group, rugby club, scout group, boys brigade this Christmas in Glasgow please call us now on 0141 641 0222 and get ready to set your Phasers to fun!

Top tips and tricks for playing laser tag in Glasgow

Glasgow laser tag tip how to play

Top tips and tricks for playing laser tag in Glasgow

How to play laser tag at Lazer Planet Glasgow

Laser tag is a fantastic fun game to play with your friends and workmates, which is easy to learn how to play.

  1. Get to know the arena – the briefing room at Lazer Planet in Clydebank has an arena map which is well worth studying.
  2. Wear dark clothes – the UV lights make whites and light colours glow!
  3. Pay attention to the players briefing – learn the scoring system and how long you will be deactivated for.
  4. Your eyes take a little time to adjust to the low light in the arena so it’s best to be on the defensive, in a protected area to start with.
  5. Find a good spot to hide – look for somewhere you can see the enemy, but where your back is protected.
  6. Try and aim at the higher scoring zones on a players laser tag vest.
  7. If you are playing a base game concentrate on disabling the base, it accounts for far more points than shooting other players.
  8. Know where the ‘mines’ are, in Lazer Planet they are on the top deck of the tower so players can’t take up ‘sniping’ positions for too long.
  9. If you are shot at don’t just stand there returning fire, seek cover and evade the other player. Communicate with other players on your team!
  10. If a player follows you and shoots you every time you reactivate (spawn killing) get your team to take them out, or call a referee.
  11. Study your scores afterwards, and discuss with your top-performing teammates how they achieved their high laser tag scores.
  12. Don’t run, it’s dangerous if you run into another players phaser, and you are an exposed target. It’s better to crouch low and keep your back to the wall.
  13. Work as a team, especially on base games, to provide covering fire, whilst you advance. Stick together for more firepower!

Above all have fun, and remember if you are shot learn from the experience, and improve your game when you are reactivated a few seconds later.

Our referees are happy to help and pass on their knowledge, just ask when you next visit Lazer Planet, ultimate laser tag in Clydebank, Glasgow.


“Lazer Planet in Clydebank is Glasgow’s largest multi-level laser tag arena and provides you with the ultimate battle zone for laser tag parties.

It is a very popular venue for Birthday Parties of all ages from primary school kids aged 6+, to teenagers and students, as it allows you to play all your favourite video games for real.

Our party packages are suitable for groups of 8 to 30 players, enjoying two or three games of laser tag each. We vary the missions in each game, which can be played on an individual or team basis, with or without bases. In addition to laser tag, your party can try the ‘Lazer Maze’ challenge, which recreates the laser beam high-security systems you see in films like ‘Mission Impossible’ and ‘Get Smart’. It’s great fun watching each individual trying to jump over or crawl over the beams without breaking them!

Birthday Parties can also book an indoor karting session at ScotKart, which shares the same facilities, and has karts suitable for ages 8 upwards.

If you are looking for an exciting, memorable, and good value activity for your next Birthday Party please get in touch, and we will ensure that it is a special day for everyone.”